Summer Tips For Pet Sitter And Owners

The summer season is upon us and with it brings backyard barbecues planning and going on trips and vacations, and generally a time when people want to spend most of their time outside their homes and head on camping with the entire family and sometimes have to leave Fido and Fluffy back home because the summer season can also bring some unique hazards for your pets.

Whether you are staying home or going on vacation, you should be very careful of your pet in the summer season and flow these quick tips yourself and convey them on to your pet sitter as well, so your pet stays safe and healthy this summer season.

There is a disturbing stat doing the rounds in pet community that hundreds of pets die due to heat exhaustion every year in parked vehicles. Leaving your pet alone in a parked car is a big NO, and you should let your pet sitter know that as well that under any circumstances he or she shouldn’t leave your pet alone in a parked car because even with the window open or the air conditioner on, there is a high chance that the temperature can rise quickly and make your pet seriously ill or even cause death.

Pet sitters should warn local pet owners via social media by sharing informative posts regarding the issue and ensure they let their clients know that as well.

Another thing to be mindful is that never exercise or walk your dog in the afternoon when the temperatures are at its highest. If you walk your dog on the pavement, you could injure their paws. Place the back of your hand on the pavement and if you can’t hold it there for more than five seconds then it is too hot for your dog to walk on. Pet sitters should communicate with their clients that they should schedule their dog walksin the mornings or in the evenings.

Excessive panting, trouble breathing, and increased heart rate is a sign that your pet is suffering from heat exhaustion and you should call your vet immediately to counter the situation. It is important avoiding taking your pet out in the daytime heat, but it is also important that the inside temperature is also cool.

Pet sitters should ask about their clients’ thermostat settings at the meet and greet and they should let them know the temperature inside should be according to their pets’ comfort.


Pet Sitters Can Help You With Your Summer Travel Woes

The summers of 2016 and 2017 saw airline tickets prices decrease and consequently, that saw a lot of people traveling to their desired destinations. The airfares are predicted to drop this summer as well and the same behavior can be seen this summer too as would-be vacationers head out to their much-anticipated vacation.

According to, 45% of British households own a pet with 26% dogs and 18% cats respectively. With almost half of the population owning a pet, the summer travelers would be asking the same question when they head out to vacation: “Who is going to take care of my pet while I’m away traveling?”

The pet sitter industry is growing rapidly, many people are opting for this service while they are away because many of them consider a professional pet sitter a reliable source of keeping their pet safe while they are not at home to take care of their pet themselves.

So, the era of untrained and unreliable pet sitters is nearly over, and especially asking a family member, neighbour or an unwilling friend will be over as well because pet owners are realizing that they put their pet’s life in danger when they hand it over to someone who is not capable to take care of a pet in an emergency and not take important steps to prevent a problem or detect a problem like a professional pet sitter well in advance to tackle any tricky situation.

It is important for pet owners to know certain things before they call in a pet sitter for an interview. Pet sitting sites pop up left, right and center these days and you just can’t trust anyone with a pet sitter website because it has become an easy way to make extra cash on the side.

Pet owners should be prudent when conducting an interview to differentiate the phony with the professionals. The first thing you ask is whether they have a professional pet sitting license or not? The second question would be to know if they are insured and bonded. Client references are very important to know their history and reliability plus if they are willing to sign a pet sitting agreement contract.

Once you have the answers you desire, choose the pet sitter. You need to book early this summer because pet owners will be calling in to book a pet sitter for their pet.

Keep In Close Communication With Your Pet Sitter

Life is a celebration of the unexpected, even when things are going smooth, life inevitably finds a way to throw us a curve ball. These unexpected circumstances show us that we should expect the unexpected, but no matter how mentally strong we are, times of crisis can be tricky, and it can get to you even if you think you are prepared and organized.

If you happen to have pets, it gets doubly difficult for you if something unexpected happens because you have a responsibility to keep your pets safe and cared for even if you have to leave them home alone. If you have never had a crisis where you have to scurry for your pets then you probably don’t have a pet care plan for a crisis. It is okay because most of us don’t have that, but if a family member falls sick and you need to travel to the hospital and leave your pet(s) alone for God knows how long then you need to have a backup plan for your pets when a crisis occurs.

One of the best things you can do in a time of crisis is to keep in close communication with your pet sitter. It is important that you register yourself with a pet sitting company straightaway because there is a high chance that a pet company will not the new client based on their request due to a crisis. If you do not have one, then you need to get one and get done with paperwork and most importantly establish a relationship with your pet sitter so that they may be of assistance at a time of crisis.

Sometimes you just don’t wait for the crisis to happen before you alert your pet sitter. If you have a family member sick, then you should let your pet sitter know ahead of time that there might be an emergency in the coming days where you could need their help with the pet(s). If you are planning a vacation, just don’t let your pet sitter know one day before you leave, it is important that your pet sitter knows your plans ahead of time which is a respectful way of letting them know that you may be leaving for vacation or faced with an emergency shortly.

Always be prepred and hire a responsible pet sitter, so they lighten the additional strain on you in an emergency and help take care of your pets for your while you tackle with other things.

Book A Pet Sitter This Christmas

The year-end holiday season is what you’ve been looking forward to since the last holiday you had, but if you are a pet owner than it could easily become a massive anxiety for your pet and not to mention yourself.

The thing with pets is that they don’t like change too much, especially when their family has gone and left them behind with a stranger(relatives) and they don’t like having those strangers invade their space. The scenario is not an ideal one, especially when you are going away on holiday. Though the stress can be avoided if you plan carefully ahead of the holiday season and reduce your stress and theirs.

It is understandable to worry about your pets when you’re planning a holiday trip, and that is when procrastinating comes in because you are worried that your pets won’t be okay if you leave them alone and postpone the holiday plan for next season.

This is human nature, but if you plan on time, you can find a solution and best care for your pets then you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about your pets back home.

Don’t be one of those people who put off things until the last minute and gain absolutely nothing out of it. People do make frantic last-minute calls to arrange a pet sitter but pet sitters have lives too and they have a family too, and they might not be able to accommodate you because they have plans as well. And kennels at this time of the year are full and busy.

If you haven’t finalized your pet plans then get on the phone and book yourself professional pet sitter this Christmas so even if you get a hit and miss, you might find someone who is willing to do it during the holiday season, and plenty professional sitters work through the holiday season.

What if you have a sick pet and you just can’t leave them behind so you have to cancel all your plans. If you make the right calls, you may be able to find the perfect professional pet sitter who can provide the best care for your sick pet while you are away.

There are knowledgeable pet sitters out there who know how to deal with different situations regarding animals, and if necessary they can drive your pet to the vet in your absence.

Always Go For A Professional Pet Sitter

Upon travelling, the major dilemma of a per owner is who they are going to leave their pets with who will care for them as they do. Being away for days at a time for a pet owner is a difficult time, and a great solution is to hire a pet sitter. Since you are away, you want the best care possible for your pets, but how do you know that the pet sitter that you have hired has your pet’s best interest at heart?

There are some things that you can observe upon your return.

The first thing you need to check is the feeding area of your pet. If the condition of your pet’s water bowl is dirty or worse, if it is dried up, then you should never hire that pet sitter again who could not even do the minimum for your pet.

Check for evidence of accidents and the obvious ones could be a scratched-up door because your dog wasn’t taken out to his regular walk and on an extended basis, your dog can develop bladder infections if there are issues regarding their potty practices. These could ultimately lead to behavioural issues which can again be a sign that your dog hasn’t been given enough attention while you were gone. If you have a cat, then check the litter box that can tell whether your cat was neglected or not.

When you hire a pet sitter, it is because you trust them with their property and upon your return if you smell cigarette smoke or see your items moved around then that clearly means that they have betrayed that trust and should be sown the door immediately because if they can’t inherently know these things than they shouldn’t be caring for your pet.

When you return from your trip and find your pet to be fearful of the pet sitter or hostile towards than that is a blatant indication of potential abuse. If you experience that upon your return, then you should be looking for another pet sitter.

Having a bad pet sitter will give you the experience of having one and give you the knowledge of what to look for in a pet sitter, and if you fire your old pet sitter, then you should start looking for a better one with the knowledge you gained dealing with the bad pet sitter.