Pet Sitting Over Kennel Boarding

Summer has arrived, and summer vacation is at the top of the priority list, but how are you going to leave your dog alone at home with no one reliable to cater to his/her needs? This is a problem many pet owners face whenever they have to leave their pets alone. The first thing pet owners look for is an affordable and reliable care for their pets and the first thing that pops into their head is kennels.

However, kennels could be a great option for health and socially actives pets but the ones who are too young or too old, the ones who have a problem fitting in or are prone to anxiety can’t settle in at the kennel for sure.

For them, there is always professional pet sitting that provide dog walking and pet sitting services so you can go on your vacations with peace of mind that your pet is in safe hands. There are so many people out there who still don’t know what professional pet sitting has to offer and what kind of services they offer that make them more personal with your pet.

If you have ever asked a favor from your neighbor to sit your pet while you were away then certainly, that’s not it. To find a reliable pet sitting service, you need to start from someone who you know and trust and ask them about the service they used. You can always google pet sitting services in your area and look at the reviews their previous customers left on their website. You can also have a pretty good idea about their service and reliability from there.

Go for a certified pet sitting service which ensures a pet sitter who knows what to do in emergencies or accidents. If you have an older dog or a pet with health issues, be sure to let them know about your dog’s condition and they will know how to handle it when you’re not around.

Another service you can get from a professional pet sitter is in form of seamless communication. The pet sitters understand how much you worry about your pet, so they ensure you get daily texts, emails or pictures of your pet that keeps your mind at peace regarding your pet’s situation.

You will never get that kind of love and care in kennel boarding as these professional pet sitters ensure that your vacationing is carefree.


Importance Of Professional Pet Sitters

Keeping a pet is a lot of responsibility, and there is a range of people who have the desire to keep pets and love them to keep them happy, safe and healthy. However, when we have to leave our pets alone, we somehow do not have a clear plan about it.

Either we are very busy, or we are budget conscious that we think that asking the neighbor’s teenage daughter to look after our pet as we work or travel. It is also understandable that you want to look for a quick fix to this situation and wants an easy way out of it, but we really urge you to stop.

So many times, we have seen news alerts that are related to crimes committed against pets and the news outlets loosely throw the term “pet sitters” who committed these crimes.

The term used pet sitters carelessly, referring to some teenager who you asked to walk your dog as a pet sitter is not right because pet sitting is a professional career and this profession has expertise in keeping your pet out of harm’s way, knowing what to do in different and difficult situations and most importantly providing you with the peace of mind that any pet care option or a quick solution can never do.

Whenever you require a pet sitter for your pet your first course of action is to ask anybody to get you one who has ever used one or go online to check people who have listed a free profile on any pet sitter website. These actions prove that you are not prioritizing your pet’s wellbeing and are tempted to save a little cash by hiring anyone to take care of your pet.

Do you need to ask yourself, whether the individuals you are leaning towards hiring to take care of your pet will be able to spot any danger signs in your pet’s behavior? And take him to the vet early? However, a professional pet sitter can easily spot the signs and do what’s best for your pet.

Please, know the difference between someone who you just saw in an online directory and a professional pet sitter. If you are turning a blind eye to it just to save a little cash, you are putting your pet in danger by handing them over to someone who is not legitimate or qualified to be a pet sitter.

The Right Way To Train Your Dog

Let’s just say you got your dog from the animal shelter and your little bundle of joy enter your apartment and looks around, and suddenly they lift a leg to your coffee table and you stand there motionless everything slowed down and you are about to experience the horror that many of us had stared into before being initiated into the world of dog training.

If you have had pets before then you probably know what to do in such situations or this is your first gig and you have no idea what you are going to do and ultimately, you are at a loss. Whatever the case, we are here to show you what to do before you embark on a great adventure with your new-found buddy.

Now, you have to understand that dogs have a short attention span, so if you are trying to train them using full sentences and which have complex phrases in them then you are not going to get anywhere with that. If you keep repeating the command, you are going to lose him or her and you will be a fan or a television in the background that keeps going on, but you stopped paying attention to it long ago because it has nothing to do with you.

If you are using complex and long commands then you need to stop immediately, and start using concise commands like roll over, fetch, heel or stay. Once you know what works for them and are they responsive to your short commands or not, then you can start the training part.

Your pet now understands your command, but whenever they do the right thing or the exact thing you wanted them to do then reward them accordingly, and that has to happen immediately, so you can develop a cause and effect relationship in training with your dog.

If you are having trouble with training your dog, you can always hire a pet sitter to help you go through it and with the pet sitter’s help you can initiate the training in the right manner, so you don’t get lost and give up.

Your hired pet sitter can teach you the important things you need to incorporate in your training to get your buddy to respond to your commands and start a healthy relationship with your dog.

A Normal Day In The Life Of A Pet Sitter

We often require a pet sitter when we have to leave our beloved pets for an emergency, holiday or a business trip to a different city or abroad. We need to them to take care of our pets for us, right? That is exactly why we hire professional help because they would know what to do in an emergency and who to call, but we fail to understand the deeper roles the pet sitters perform while they take care of our pets in our absence.

While most people think that all pet sitters do is play with cute kitten and pet puppies and occasionally feed them, clean liter, and they say what a great and easy job you have.

This is more or less true and to be honest it is the greatest career on earth, but it is anything but easy. Professional pet sitting requires you to be available 365 days a year because your client needs you when they have to go out with friends or they have to go on holidays over the weekend and even when they have to work during the week.

The daily schedule of a pet sitter requires them to be up at around 6:30 or 7:00 am and do their morning visits. That gets done after a few hours then it’s back home for an hour or so and then back on the job for the afternoon visits and dog walks and get back home to relax after 9:30 in the evening. Pet sitters do get a couple of hours off in between 4 pm to 6 pm usually when they can have dinner and unwind a little to go back on the job shortly after.

These visits never go the same way they did the day before because pet sitters mostly deal with animals that are nervous, anxious and shy without their owners and most of the times they don’t want pet sitters near them. So, to deal with that and make them feel comfortable, they also have to clean their poop, pee and throw up accidents that happen far too often.

Other than that, we need to sniff out anything that is wrong with the animal and do something accordingly to cater it and if there is an emergency, we need to react quickly.

Pet sitting is not as easy as it sounds because it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

How A Good Pet Sitter Can Help You Enjoy Your Vacation

When you are away on your vacation, the best pet sitter for you is your friend or a family member but if they are unable to look after your cat then you need a trusted pet sitter who can help you out and keep you relaxed on your vacation away from your pet. Whenever you are looking for a trusted pet sitter always look for someone who have plenty of good reviews online or someone who your friend recommended because if your friend trust a pet sitter than most probably you can too!

The reason why you chose a friend or a family member to be your pet’s pet sitter is probably that they are comfortable around them because they frequently visit your home and your pet knows who they are. That is exactly why you need a pet sitter who doesn’t make your pet anxious about them. A good pet sitter has that quality, and it is recommended that you and your pet meet the pet sitter beforehand, so you have peace of mind that your pet is going to be in good hands and for your pet to establish some familiarity with the pet sitter.

Once you have met the pet sitter and you decide on them than the next step is the most important one. Do not assume that your pet sitter will know about your pet from the get-go and they will take care of them as you do. Let them know about your pet and that means as much as you can when you met them and secondly leave a detailed instruction note for your pet sitter, so they know your pet’s schedule and feeding time. If there are any other unusual habits or quirk that your pet sitter should know about your pet then you should also make it clear in the detailed instruction note.

There is no such thing as too many instructions because it’s better than not leaving enough. When that is sorted, you need to check up on your cat frequently by calling the pet sitter to ensure everything is going smoothly. Also, leave the pet sitter with the vet’s contact information and anything that can help them in an emergency.

You can only enjoy your vacation truly when you know your pet in safe hands and you can take your mind off them for a while to enjoy your holiday.