Insight On What Pet Sitters Do

We hear the word pet sitters a lot, and we also get to hear that people around friends or us hired one in time of need, but there are people out there like you and me who still don’t know what an In-home pet sitter does, and don’t know how it all works if they ever wanted one for themselves.

To break it down simply, a pet sitter cares for your pets in your home, especially when you are away for a holiday or a business meeting or any other emergency where you have to leave your pets behind unattended at home, that is when you call a pet sitter, so you do not have to transport them anywhere, as they get to stay at home where they are most comfortable.

Animals do like to stay where they are most comfortable, and they thrive on routine, so it helps them stay stress-free at their home when you are away. You find a pet sitter, and they come to your home on agreed time frames to take care of your pets like take your dog out for a walk, refresh water, feed them, clean out their litter boxes and pay personal attention to your pets by playing with them in your backyard or taking them out.

How often a pet sitter comes to your home while your away depends on what kind of pet you have. Usually, cats are alright with one visit a day, but if you want, the pet sitter can come twice a day to meet your cats’ personal needs. When it comes to dogs, they require at least two visits a day, and if you have an older dog or puppies, then it may require more visits per day. A regular visit is thirty minutes long, which is enough to take care of their basic needs, but if need be, the pet sitter can stay longer.

If you are not okay with two or three visits per day for your pet and would want a pet sitter to stay overnight, then some pet sitter companies also offer Overnight Stays. The pet sitter would perform the same duties but stay longer with your pets and spend the night. This service is very helpful for those people who have pets with special needs. However, it is great to have someone with your pets overnight no matter what age your pet is.