A Normal Day In The Life Of A Pet Sitter

We often require a pet sitter when we have to leave our beloved pets for an emergency, holiday or a business trip to a different city or abroad. We need to them to take care of our pets for us, right? That is exactly why we hire professional help because they would know what to do in an emergency and who to call, but we fail to understand the deeper roles the pet sitters perform while they take care of our pets in our absence.

While most people think that all pet sitters do is play with cute kitten and pet puppies and occasionally feed them, clean liter, and they say what a great and easy job you have.

This is more or less true and to be honest it is the greatest career on earth, but it is anything but easy. Professional pet sitting requires you to be available 365 days a year because your client needs you when they have to go out with friends or they have to go on holidays over the weekend and even when they have to work during the week.

The daily schedule of a pet sitter requires them to be up at around 6:30 or 7:00 am and do their morning visits. That gets done after a few hours then it’s back home for an hour or so and then back on the job for the afternoon visits and dog walks and get back home to relax after 9:30 in the evening. Pet sitters do get a couple of hours off in between 4 pm to 6 pm usually when they can have dinner and unwind a little to go back on the job shortly after.

These visits never go the same way they did the day before because pet sitters mostly deal with animals that are nervous, anxious and shy without their owners and most of the times they don’t want pet sitters near them. So, to deal with that and make them feel comfortable, they also have to clean their poop, pee and throw up accidents that happen far too often.

Other than that, we need to sniff out anything that is wrong with the animal and do something accordingly to cater it and if there is an emergency, we need to react quickly.

Pet sitting is not as easy as it sounds because it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.


How A Good Pet Sitter Can Help You Enjoy Your Vacation

When you are away on your vacation, the best pet sitter for you is your friend or a family member but if they are unable to look after your cat then you need a trusted pet sitter who can help you out and keep you relaxed on your vacation away from your pet. Whenever you are looking for a trusted pet sitter always look for someone who have plenty of good reviews online or someone who your friend recommended because if your friend trust a pet sitter than most probably you can too!

The reason why you chose a friend or a family member to be your pet’s pet sitter is probably that they are comfortable around them because they frequently visit your home and your pet knows who they are. That is exactly why you need a pet sitter who doesn’t make your pet anxious about them. A good pet sitter has that quality, and it is recommended that you and your pet meet the pet sitter beforehand, so you have peace of mind that your pet is going to be in good hands and for your pet to establish some familiarity with the pet sitter.

Once you have met the pet sitter and you decide on them than the next step is the most important one. Do not assume that your pet sitter will know about your pet from the get-go and they will take care of them as you do. Let them know about your pet and that means as much as you can when you met them and secondly leave a detailed instruction note for your pet sitter, so they know your pet’s schedule and feeding time. If there are any other unusual habits or quirk that your pet sitter should know about your pet then you should also make it clear in the detailed instruction note.

There is no such thing as too many instructions because it’s better than not leaving enough. When that is sorted, you need to check up on your cat frequently by calling the pet sitter to ensure everything is going smoothly. Also, leave the pet sitter with the vet’s contact information and anything that can help them in an emergency.

You can only enjoy your vacation truly when you know your pet in safe hands and you can take your mind off them for a while to enjoy your holiday.

Your Pet Needs To Be In Safe Hands While You Are Away

Are you worried about how your dog or cat is going to fare when you leave for your much-awaited holiday? You surely can’t have fun on your vacation when you know your pet isn’t in safe hands or isn’t having as much fun as you are on your holiday.

What do people look for naturally when they have to leave their pets back at home? Most people who like to travel a lot looking for friends, neighbours or family members to take care of their pets while they are away and if it is a frequent occurrence, these travellers rely on them heavily to take care of their pets.

However, it is not necessary that they take care of your pet like you would all the time because they have lives too and they can get caught up in them and sometimes forget to check up on your dog. It is not that they don’t want to do you that favour, it is just that they can be forgetful especially if they are looking in on a pet on a fly by night basis.

It could be a lot better if you consider other options before leaving for your annual or bi-annual holiday and consider pet sitting as more of a service that you could pay for rather relying on it just as a favour.

How can you find pet sitters you may ask? Well, the search can start from close by as you can ask from a friend, your neighbour or a veterinarian. Recommendation from a professional in the field could help you a lot because they would know things about the pet sitter that you can judge them on even in a home interview.

You can also check with your local humane society if you don’t find any pet sitter. When you do find a pet sitter, it is important that they can provide references because it is highly important that you have people telling you that the person is safe and you can hand over your house keys to them without worrying about anything else.

You can now set up a home interview with your shortlisted pet sitter, and it is important that you let them know about any special needs your pet may have. You also have to make sure that the pet sitter is comfortable administering medication and primarily know about the pet and what to expect of them when looking after them

Have Pets And Love Traveling? You Can Travel Carefree Now By Hiring A Pet Sitter

There are people out there who love their pets and their family, but as much as they love their two-legged and four-legged family, they love travelling and going places, exploring new countries and their culture and it is never a one-off thing, it keeps happening every 6 months on a year because that is the life of a traveler who can’t be bogged down in one place for too long.

If you are one of those people, then you must know how important it is to know that your loved ones are safe with someone you trust so you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation. Some people opt to take their pets with them but it’s not feasible all the time, and sometimes your pet is just not allowed, or your pet isn’t the traveling kind, and the best arrangement for both of you is to stay where they want to be the most.

Now that you have decided to leave your pet back home, you can go for a professional pet sitter to take of your pet and hire any In-home pet sitter, or you can ask a good friend for a favor, or the neighbor kid could be up for making an easy buck.

The best thing about having your pet stay at home is the fact that he or she is familiar with the surroundings, and to make them feel comfortable in their own home without you is to go for a professional pet sitter. You can easily find a professional pet sitter asking a friend, the vet, or one of your co-workers who you know have pets.

You’ve recognized the professional pet sitter from word of mouth, and now you have to decide which kind of pet sitter you want for your pet. There are two kinds of a pet sitter, and one is the kind that will visit your pet few times a day to feed, walk and play with your pet, and the other one is the who stays overnight.

You need to decide which one suits your pet the most, and the downside with the former is that your pet will be alone most of the time, but then overnight pet sitters are more expensive. However, these are the kind of pet sitters that will know as much as they can about your pet so they can care for them in a better way.

Keeping Your Dog Mobile In The Cold Weather

Its normal to get lazy in winters because of the short days and cold weather, and like us, our pets react to the cold weather similarly. However, it is important that your pet stays in a healthy body condition during wintertime even when the temperature outdoor is not conducive for outdoor activity, but you have to find ways and days to get them a little bit of exercise during wintertime.

You can look for days where the temperature is a little bit warmer than usual and take your dog out for a nice stroll. Your dog will enjoy a walk on a brisk day, but you have to be careful of salt and chemicals on the sidewalks that could harm your dog’s paws. What you need are booties for your dog to keep his paws from harm’s way.

If you’re away on holiday or a business trip away from your dog, make sure that you communicate this with your pet sitter to avoid any accidents. Another useful tip to keep your dog’s body stimulated is to put his meals in a feeding toy which will make your dog work hard for his meals and studies have shown that dogs enjoy their meals more when they have to work hard for it. It will stimulate your dog’s body and mind without venturing into the winter weather.

Your pet sitter can also do this while you are away and make use of this fun little tip to make their mealtime more fun and active.

Another way you can make your dog work for things is making treat time more fun. You can keep your dog in one room and hide his treats in another room and make him look for it. This little game of hide-and-seek will make your dog work harder to find his treat, and in return, he can get a workout and a treat at the same time. You can hide the treat in an easier place, in the beginning, to make him understand the game, and gradually make it hard for him.

You need to constantly monitor your dog’s weight because any change in your dog’s activity can either result in weight loss or weight gain. It is advised that you keep that in check and if you observe a drastic gain in weight or loss in weight, then you should contact your vet regarding the situation.