The Impact Of Pet Sitting On A Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is a great profession for people who love animals but overworking yourself can lead to potential hazards that an overworked, overtired, and over-committed pet sitter might not see and may make mistakes that might put them in harm’s way.

In today’s article we will discuss about self-care tips for pet sitters when entering clients’ homes and taking proper precautions when deal with an aggressive pet.

There is no reason for you to take every job that comes your way. Yes, you’ve started a small business and you need to make more clients to be known in the industry, but you are no use to a client if you are overworked. It is not only bad for your business but also for your well-being because a less alert pet sitter may not recognize red flags at the job that indicate danger.

So, to avoid all of that, learn to say that “I’m booked.” It is extremely important that you recognize your limitations and that includes not taking every job that comes your way, even it is from a current client. It is much easier to make careless mistakes when you are swamped with work.

You can come with an excuse when you know you’re at capacity and have an excuse ready so no one can catch you off guard.

Saying “yes” to everything that comes your way can be really bad for business as well. Schedule aside, there are some pet sitting assignments in the business that you probably do not have a clue about, and saying yes to it could also put you in harm’s way and jeopardize your credentials as a professional pet sitter.

Some pet sitting services are not a good match for you and there is no shame in realizing that fact. It is just the way things work and above all you should take care of your health because in this business it is easy to put yourself last.

Focus on your health, and while preparing food for the pet before the visit, prepare a snack for yourself before you head out. Also, be mindful of the weather, because there is no point in risking your health and the pet’s health in extreme cold and extreme heat.

Build yourself a support network which could come in handy by understanding all the joys and struggles of the business. You can also learn a lot for people who are in the same business, and their stories could help you grow as a pet sitter yourself and be aware of potential safety concerns.





Different Kind Of Pet Services Out There

The pet care industry is booming these days and there are number of services on offer, but whenever an owner wants to avail these services they need to understand which service they really want to use according to their need and what does each service entail. So, an in depth analysis and breakdown on different pet care services.

When you surf on the internet to find a service to help care for your pet, what you need to know is what sort of service you are seeking for your pet. The most commonly known options are Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Doggies Day Care and Pet Boarding.

Pet sitting is also referred and “Pet Care” and it involves a pet sitter that takes care of the pet in their own home. This service is usually acquired when the pet owner is out of town and need a pet sitter to take care of their service. This service is usually temporary and it can be used for a few days. The pet sitter will take care of the pets by feeding them, taking them out, making sure they are hydrated, clean their cages.

Dog walking service is usually acquired when the owner is busy at work or putting in the long hours at any other place that they are unable to take their dog out for their regular exercise and walk. The Dog walker comes in daily to walk their dog on a particular schedule agreed with the pet owner and helps the dog complete its daily exercise.

Pet boarding is an alternative to pet sitting and it is used to house pets temporarily for a set fee. The difference between pet sitting and pet boarding is that the latter is a pet care facility and the pets are not taken care at the pet owners’ home. The boarded pets are usually caged where they are fed and provided with all the objects that are needed to make them feel at home. Usually pet owners prefer pet sitting over pet boarding because they like the idea of keeping their pets at home at a more familiar setting so they don’t get upset.

Doggies day care is very much like child day care, where you drop off your dog in the morning while you spend time at your work place, your dog gets to stay at the doggies day care where they are taken care of as they snack, socialize and take naps.

Dog Walking Is So Much More Than It Seems

Walking your dog is so much more than just taking him out for exercise or letting him out of the house once a day to stop him from getting bored, but it also has to do with something called behavior training opportunity. The goal is to train your dog how to behave outside of the house especially with other people and their canines which are also there to socialize.

It is a great mean to strengthen the social bond but it also gets the both of you to get out of the house and the fun and healthy environment gives you and your dog the opportunity to also grow the bond between you and your dog.

Dog walking is healthy for a sedentary dog that can become overweight and lazy lying in the house consuming and not getting much exercise, and eventually that kind of routine can become dangerous for your pooch and bring all sorts of potential health problems.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is active indoors, dog walking is an essential part of your dog’s life that should not be ignored by you. The average dog walking a young pup should do is around one hour, but the ones that are bred for sports should go for way much more.

You can take your buddy dog walking, and he can play outside but don’t assume that your dog will invent his own exercise routine just because they are walking or playing outside. Taking him outside gives you the opportunity to play fetch or catch with him to tire him out before heading for home.

On the other hand, dog walking is the perfect opportunity for your dog to work on his/her social skills because it is likely that your dog is going to meet other canines while out and about. This also opens new avenues for your dog to find himself/herself the perfect play partner by socially interacting with different animals.

This will help your dog be less shy and become more approachable by other dogs, hence making your dog socially acceptable in the eyes of other pets. This can be a daily confidence builder for your dog, especially if your dog shows fear, taking him/her out and meeting other dogs will help your dog remove the fear and the anxiety that comes with it.

These reasons should be enough to get your four-legged friend out of the house more and that you won’t see dog walking as a chore anymore.

Pet Sitting Worthing Vs Pet Boarding Worthing: Which Is Better For Your Pet

It is a common thing that the people who go out of Worthing for business trips, weddings and holidays do not take their pets with them. Some of them leave the responsibility of taking care of their pets to their family members or relatives while others hire pet sitter or send their pets to boarding .If you too are planning to go on vacation or business trip and cannot take your pet with you then you will have to decide who will look after your pet in your absence. If none of your family member or friend is ready to take the responsibility of your pet in your absence then you are left with two options; pet sitting and pet boarding. Both pet sitting in Worthing and pet boarding in Worthing have their own pros and cons. Let’s discuss both of these options in detail to understand whether you should select pet boarding or pet sitting in Worthing for your pet.

Pet sitting

What are the benefits of choosing pet sitting in Worthing for your pet? It is to be noted that pet sitters take care of pets at their own home when their owners are away. As pets live in their familiar environment (home) therefore they feel less stressed out. Not only this, pet sitters give enough attention and affection to pets so that they don’t feel the absence of their owners. Pet sitters make sure that pets follow their routine diet and exercise. They also focus on pet’s emotional and physical health. If your pet has personality problems such as aggression then pet sitting is ideal for him or her and if your pet is not very outgoing then you can consider pet sitting in Worthing for your pet. Pet sitting is ideal for young animals because their immune system is not strong; they can easily catch diseases from other animals living in kennel. It is also the best choice for pets that need special medical care.

It is to be noted that you can have all the above mentioned benefits only when you hire a reliable and professional pet sitter in Worthing for your pet.

Pet boarding

What are benefits of sending pets to pet boarding when you are away? People who are afraid to leave someone alone at their home with their pets can go for pet boarding if their pets are very outgoing and will feel comfortable at an unknown place (kennel). But, living in a kennel can be risky for your pet’s heath because diseases such kennel cough, distemper and coccidiosis are commonly found in kennels. Apart from this, a lot of animals (dogs/cats) live together in a kennel at a time, therefore the kennel’s staff cannot provide enough attention to all animals. This is one of the main reasons animals staying at kennels feel depressed and stressed out. It is to be noted that if you want extra care and attention for your pet, then pet boarding facilities charge extra for that. You should also note that kennels follow their feeding, bathroom break and playtime schedule which is not suitable at all for pets that have a specific diet, bathroom break and playtime routine.

Top Reasons To Hire Professional Cat Sitter In Worthing When You Are Away From Home

Its summer time in Worthing, you might be planning to go somewhere to enjoy your holidays like others. But, have you decided who you will take care of your cat in your absence? People such as your friend, family member or neighbor may offer their help in this regard. But frankly speaking, if you are thinking of giving the responsibility of your cat to your family member or friend or neighbor then that’s not a very good idea. Instead of this, you should hire a professional cat sitter in Worthing that can look after your darling cat in your absence, the way you do. We are presenting below top reasons to hire professional cat sitter in Worthing for your cat when you are away from home.

Your pet will get complete attention & affection

Cat is an animal that demands attention and affection.  Lack of attention makes cat feel irritated and ignored. Although, cat sitter can never take your place but it will be the responsibility of cat sitter to give maximum attention and affection to your cat in your absence so that he/she does not feel irritated, lonely and ignored. On the other hand, your friend or family member or neighbor may not be able to provide enough attention to your cat because he/she will have his/her own tasks to do such as he might have long working hours or responsibilities of house and kids. Therefore, if you are going away from your home for spending holidays, it is better to hire a professional cat sitter in Worthing so that your cat receives enough attention and affection.

Inconvenience for family member/friend/neighbor

You will agree with us that there are a lot of people who cannot say no to anyone. It is to be noted that your friend/ family/neighbor may agree to take care of your cat in your absence but he/she may feel inconvenience and burden because they have to sideline their own activities to given attention to your cat. While, it is the job of a cat sitter to offer care to cats at their own home. It is their routine task which they are responsible for.

You will have peace of mind

If you hire a professional cat sitter from a reliable company in Worthing, you will not have to worry about the health, safety and loneliness of your cat when you are away from home because cat sitter will act as his/her companion and will take care of your cat according to your given instructions.

Your cat will live in familiar environment

Another benefit of hiring professional cat sitter in Worthing for your cat is, your cat will live happily and comfortably in your absence because he/she will live in his/her own home with nearly the same level of care the one he or she gets from you. It is to be noted that if your friend, family member or neighbor takes your cat to his/her house in your absence the change of home or bed can make your cat stressful and depressed.


Cat sitter takes care of your cat’s emotional & physical health

You should hire cat sitter in Worthing for your cat because cat sitter is not only responsible for feeding your cat but also for maintaining his/her emotional and physical health when you are away. Cat sitters do their best to keep cat’s routine same in the absence of owner because changes in routine can affect his/her emotional and physical health. For instance, if your cat is accustomed to get food at specific timings and he/she does not get food according to his/her usual routine in your absence then it can affect cat’s digestive system. Let’s take another example. If your cat is accustomed to do regular exercise and he/she does not do regular exercise in your absence then it can make him/her bored and destructive.