Know The Difference Between A Hobby Sitter And A Professional Pet Sitters

Planning a vacation for the family can be a fun experience for you and the family, but this exciting process can also sometimes turn in to a challenging process. The challenging part is the fact that you have to leave your pets behind for the entirety of the vacation and deciding on what pet cure to go for during your travels is the most difficult decision for any pet owner to take.

However, many pet owners are now inclining towards hiring the services of professional pet sitters who provide pet owners with the peace of mind they require when they leave their beloved pets home in the comfort of their homes and enjoy their already familiar environment.

The whole process helps your pet get acclimated to a new caregiver because of familiar surroundings which alleviate stress and helps in the transition of trusting the pet sitter. Pet sitters are highly recommended because your pets surrounding remain the same as it allows the pet to maintain their normal routine.

Other than taking care of your pets’ needs and taking care of them, professional pet sitters gladly provide mail, newspaper, trash and plant services as well as security to your home. That is pleasing to home and pet owners because they don’t have to rely on friends, neighbours or family to take care of an empty house.

It is important that you know your pet sitter because it is the key to a great stress-free relationship. You can search for pet sitters online, and upon finding a list, you can log on to their websites and start reading reviews and testimonials to see if their previous customers were satisfied or not. Another great way to find good pet sitters is to ask your friends and family, and you can get someone who has been tried and tested by someone you trust.

The second step in finding a professional pet sitter is to know that the one you are hiring is licensed, bonded and insured. By checking the license, you can easily find the difference between a hobby sitter and a professional pet sitter. It is imperative that you make sure the pet sitter you are hiring is bonded and insured because you don’t want to jeopardise the well-being of your home and possessions by hiring someone who isn’t a professional pet sitter.


The Right Way To Hire A Pet Sitter

The rewarding and enjoyable experience of having and caring for a pet is satisfying, but there might come a time when you would have to leave your pet alone and in someone else’s care. Before you leave, you must make sure that your pet is well cared for in your absence, and hire a pet sitter or a dog walker can be a great way to ensure that your pet continues receiving love and affection while you are away.

It is important that you learn more about the person which is about to take care of your pet. The search for a potential pet sitter or a dog walker starts online, newspapers or through word of mouth. However, to let people come to you, post an ad online, talk to your friends about hiring a pet sitter, give an ad in the newspaper to narrow down the search.

Once you start getting potential pet sitters, it is important that you verify their credentials. To inquire about this, you need to ask them if they have first aid training. Ask them about their license or which company they are associated with or groups.

Once you have decided on your pet sitter, you need to specify your needs and any special needs your pet might have that the pet sitter should be aware of. Also, make sure that they consistently work the schedule you need. For example, list down for them, the day you will need their service and the exact timings. It is important that you communicate this directly to the pet sitter to avoid any ambiguity by letting them know the length of time you would want your pet to be walked.

While you are passing down instructions, make sure that the pet sitter is taking notes of the specific needs that you indicate. This is a sign of a good pet sitter, someone who pays attention to what you say and tries to execute your instructions as you instructed. You know your dog best, and if the pet sitter follows your instructions properly, then a calamity can be avoided.

Always sign a contract to seal the deal. Many pet sitters have contracts that are also legally binding that can help resolve any issues. If your pet sitter does not have a contract, then make sure you have a contract prepared and made sure the terms are agreeable.

Choosing A Good Pet Sitter

When you are away, you want someone who strives to be the best pet sitters and caretakers of your pets because of attitude and certain characteristics in a pet sitter matter. You need someone who is filled with care and love, and who is properly invested in taking care of your pet when you are away. It is hard to find someone like that because being that involved needs hard work, but there are pet sitters out there who are passionate about their job.

However, you need to evaluate whether the person you are hiring is best suited for the job or not. This article will help you find a pet sitter who has all the good characteristics of a pet sitter.

It is important to understand that your pets are already nervous when they don’t see you at home, so it is important to have someone around who is a calm person when you are taking a vacation or out of the house. Their first and foremost concern should be the well-being of your pets, and when the owners are away, anxious pets show unusual behavior and one could be using the house as the bathroom.

It is important to have a calm person around to deal with such a situation and not someone who gets angry at the pet. That would for sure unsettle the pet even more and reduce the chances of bonding together early on.

Another important characteristic is to know whether the pet sitter is trustworthy or not. This may seem obvious, but it is the most important characteristic of them all because you are inviting a stranger into your house to tend to your beloved friend. Make sure you have their background checked before you hire them.

You should always hire a pet sitter from a company that ensures their pet sitters are insured and bonded, and that ultimately means that the company is professional and take things seriously.

The schedule of a pet sitter is important, and it’s a make or break deal if the pet sitter is not flexible. You need someone who is ready to put their heart into it, and it deals with any inconveniences that might occur when you are away. They must be willing to spend the night if the need arises and go to great lengths to make sure their schedule fit yours.

Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Sitter For Your Cat

Cats are normally homebodies, and they love staying at home while you are away, and if they could speak, they would want a staycation when you pack your bags for your vacation. Your cat would never want to spend a week in any boarding facility rather they would prefer staying at home in their domain. After knowing this much about your cat, it would be perfect for both you and Fluffy that you hire a professional pet sitterto stay at home with your cat.

Know that whoever you are hiring as a pet sitter is a professional at their job, because if you don’t, you will never have that peace of mind when you are vacationing. The reason you are urged to hire a professional pet sitter is that they are bonded, insured and are ready to act as they should in any emergency. They know Pet CPR, which can only be performed by someone who is trained for such emergency.

While they check in on your cat when you are away, they also check whether everything is in working order at your home during your reservation. Like a professional, they take the security of your home seriously, and while they are there, they can also collect mail, rotating lights, and pick up trash.

Professional pet sitters can keep your cat mentally stimulated because cats need human interaction and if they don’t get it, these curious creatures can find themselves in perplexing situations. That is why professional pet sitters keep your cat safe, and they know all the fun games to keep you cat busy. With ample experience in every possible situation, a cat can get into; professional pet sitters know how to take precautions to prevent injuries.

They are serious about your cat’s well-being and safety, and every professional pet sitter would make sure that they know their client’s pet by their name and know their cats prefer to eat.

Your feline friend is in safe hands when you hire a professional pet sitter to take care of your cat. Your cat is part of the sitter’s extended furry family, and they ensure the safety and care of your cat when you are away from you would. Professional pet sitters don’t just become professionals at their job because it is their hobby; they become professionals because they take it as their passion.

Why You Should Always Leave Instructions For Your Pet Sitter

While you’re leaving for your holiday or on a business trip you would want to hire a pet sitter for your pet but nobody knows your pet like you do so it’s better to leave with a detailed set of instructions for the pet sitter to keep your pet comfortable, happy and healthy while you are away.

You need to leave a written instruction for the pet sitter to ensure that your pet is properly taken care of. It is always a great idea to sit down with your pet sitter and discuss the instructions so there is no confusion left at the pet sitter’s end and a quick question answer session can clear any ambiguity. Be sure to leave the instructions in plain view before you leave for your trip.

You need to write down each and every aspect of your pet’s care with details of your pet’s normal care and activities. There should be clear instructions on important things which can include when and what to feed your pet, medication – if there is any, how often they should clean your pet, instructions on waste disposal and most importantly a schedule for the walks and other outdoor activities that you don’t want your pet to miss while you are away.

You also need to list down your pet’s behavior. Whether your pet acts differently around strangers like do they hide, and if they do, where can they find them by letting them know the usual hiding place. Also inform them about whether they bolt when the door is open or they bite. These little details can help your sitter enormously and also this will help your sitter determine whether your pet is behaving oddly.

Exchange contact information with your sitter so you can check on with your sitter time and again to see if everything is going smoothly or if they want help with something if anything unexpected happens.  It is extremely important that you leave your contact information which should include your cell number, land line number and e-mail address or relative’s or a close friends’ contact number in case of emergency.

You also need to let the sitter know where the important items are waste bags, litter box, food and medicine. If there is any part of the house that is off limits either for your pet or the sitter you should let them know.