How To Spot A Bad Pet Sitter

We take care of our pets as our own and would want to them to be in good hands even when we are away, sometimes for days at a time. Naturally, we wouldn’t trust anyone to give our pets the same amount of love, care and attention while away. There is a solution, and that is to hire a pet sitter for the job when we are out of town, but how to know whether the pet sitter has your pet’s best interest at heart.

Some of these tips might seem obvious to you, but overlook them at your own peril. You will have to judge them by observing certain things that are directly attached to your pet and what condition those things are in. For example, your pet’s water bowl. If the bowl is completely dried up then you need to confront the pet sitter and ask them whether they have been checking the water level frequently or not or if it is dirty, then you also need to confront them about maintaining those hygiene levels for your pets which are most essential for them.

Lack of respect of your property is a complete no, and it can be seen if you’re once full fridge is now empty or your living room smells of cigarette smoke while you were away. Have your neighbor reported anything suspicious or spotted strangers admitted in your house? These are the signs that your pet sitter have been completely out of order and disrespected your trust and your home in your absence.

If you find your pet fearful and aggressive then you need to confront the pet sitter for an explanation. It could be that your pet has been locked in a room for days without the daily walks or exercise your pet could end up behaving this way. It is another sign of a bad pet sitter who completely ignores the essential aspect of pet sitting.

For any pet sitter, the focal point is the pet itself. If you realize that certain duties were not performed by the pet sitter, report them immediately to whatever business they are associated to and have them known to friends and family to spread the word to never hire them for any pet sitting activity again.

These are a few handy tips that can help you spot a bad pet sitter. This can help you hire a better pet sitter for your beloved pet while you are away and be at peace with the fact that you have chosen the right person for the job.


Tips For Finding A Great Dog Walker

How do you know that the person you found to walk your dog is great at it? Or how can you be sure that they can take care of your dog like you do? How can you differentiate the great from the mediocre? You can find out all of that by looking out for a few things in them that will tell you if you’ve found the right person to walk your dog or dogs.

First of all finding a dog walker is pretty easy. You can go online and Google search in your area or you can go ask a friend or you can always go to your local pet shop to find one. The main thing is to find the one who love dogs because if they don’t enjoy walking dogs then there is no point in hiring them.

Best Service Provider

You also need to know if they have the ‘can do’ attitude to give the best services. You are handing over your best friend to someone who should be willing work hard to make things easier for you.

Basic knowledge

Whether they have the local knowledge or not to walk your dog to all those awesome places. It is absolutely imperative that they know what bylaws or local dog control orders may be in force.

Training Background and experience

The most important thing is if they have any experience with dogs. Sure everybody has to start somewhere, but if they own a dog chances are they know what they’re getting into and it also give you the peace of mind knowing they will manage your dog fine.

Your Dog’s Comfort level

One of the most important factors when choosing a walker is whether or not your dog is comfortable and happy with this person. Always look for a walker who acts calm towards your dog.

Reliable and committed to work

A great dog walker also has to be reliable and understanding at the same time. Reliable helps when they turn up when they say they will and walk your dog for as long as you expect. You need a dog walker that is committed to their work and your dog. When they take you dog out for a walk they should be focused on your dog alone and not be on the phone while they are walking.

These things make a huge difference and show how committed your dog walker is to you, your dog and their job and with it comes reliability and dependency, and when you have these qualities in your dog walker then you will never have to find a new one ever again.

Solo Vs Group Dog Walking: Which Is Right For Your Dog?

Walk for dogs is an adventure, fun activity and a pleasing escape from home. Every dog owner understands well how much dogs like walking therefore; the dog owners who are unable to take their dog for regular walk they get services of dog walking company to make their dogs happy.  Some dog walking companies offer both solo and group dog walking services while others provide any one of these. It is to be noted that whenever you hire a dog walker always select the right type of walk for your dog, if you want your puppy to really enjoy the walk and get enough benefit from it. Some dogs like solo walking while other love group walking. If you don’t know which type of walk will be liked by your dog more then don’t worry! We are discussing in detail both types of walks offered by dog walking companies to help you select the one which is the most suitable for your dog.

Solo Dog Walking

Generally speaking, solo walk is a good option for all types of dogs because they get special care and individual attention. However, Solo dog walking is the best choice for dogs that are elderly or ill or aggressive or unfriendly or reactive to other dogs or love one –on- one attention. Apart from this, solo dog walk is ideal for dogs who love to smell roses or enjoy a quick walk. Solo walk allows aggressive dog to interact with other dogs when he/she is ready. Solo walk offers older dogs relaxing stroll. Solo dog walking offers opportunity to dogs to socialize with the dog walker and the passerby dogs. During the solo walk, dogs can stop when they want and walk when they like.

Group Dog Walking

Group dog walks are quite common in urban areas. Group dog walks offer a great opportunity to dogs to play with other dogs, socialize with other dogs and learn new skills from them. Group dog walking is ideal for dogs that love company of other dogs or like to stop again and again to explore surroundings/discover new things with other dogs.

It is to be noted that group dog walking has some disadvantages. When different dogs go out for group walk they might get diseases from each other. While walking as a pack, dogs might indulge in a fight that can lead to injuries.

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