Keeping Your Dog Mobile In The Cold Weather

Its normal to get lazy in winters because of the short days and cold weather, and like us, our pets react to the cold weather similarly. However, it is important that your pet stays in a healthy body condition during wintertime even when the temperature outdoor is not conducive for outdoor activity, but you have to find ways and days to get them a little bit of exercise during wintertime.

You can look for days where the temperature is a little bit warmer than usual and take your dog out for a nice stroll. Your dog will enjoy a walk on a brisk day, but you have to be careful of salt and chemicals on the sidewalks that could harm your dog’s paws. What you need are booties for your dog to keep his paws from harm’s way.

If you’re away on holiday or a business trip away from your dog, make sure that you communicate this with your pet sitter to avoid any accidents. Another useful tip to keep your dog’s body stimulated is to put his meals in a feeding toy which will make your dog work hard for his meals and studies have shown that dogs enjoy their meals more when they have to work hard for it. It will stimulate your dog’s body and mind without venturing into the winter weather.

Your pet sitter can also do this while you are away and make use of this fun little tip to make their mealtime more fun and active.

Another way you can make your dog work for things is making treat time more fun. You can keep your dog in one room and hide his treats in another room and make him look for it. This little game of hide-and-seek will make your dog work harder to find his treat, and in return, he can get a workout and a treat at the same time. You can hide the treat in an easier place, in the beginning, to make him understand the game, and gradually make it hard for him.

You need to constantly monitor your dog’s weight because any change in your dog’s activity can either result in weight loss or weight gain. It is advised that you keep that in check and if you observe a drastic gain in weight or loss in weight, then you should contact your vet regarding the situation.


Protect Your Pets From The Cold Weather

The cold weather is already here and to make sure that your cats and dogs have a safe winter, there are several things you need to do and consider keeping them healthy throughout the winter season.

No matter how much your pet loves to stay outside and no matter how much it seems they are enjoying the weather, domestic animals are just not made to live outside and adapt to the weather. Frigid temperatures will always have a toll on your pet if exposed for prolonged periods. Many people who own pets still have a hard time picking up on any signs that their pet is cold, so it is important that you make sure that your pet keeps warm and well-cared for when the temperature drops.

As pet owners, we need to keep our pets warm, and for that to happen, we need to care for their fur and no matter how lovely our pets’ fur is, it is never a perfect insulator. When it’s cold, the fur will lose its ability to insulate and especially when the coat gets wet.

Here are a few tips for pet owners to follow and keep their pets warm and well-cared for during winter season. To start off, you need to buy your dog a new coat. Do not bother with your cat because they won’t put up with that nonsense. When taking your pets outside, you need to make sure that the hair between their toes is trimmed, so snow or ice balls don’t form. You can advise this to a pet sitter also if you are not home.

Always keep your pets indoors in the cold weather, and for whatever reason, you can’t keep your dog inside, make sure you have adequate shelter or dog house for your dog. When you are away, make sure the pet sitter keeps your pet inside always.

You also need to vary of salt-spread sidewalks when you take your pet outside because it can injure their foot pads by burning them. You can protect your dog’s feet by getting them dog boots, but make sure the boots are not too tight.

In summers, your pets’ liquid intake increases because of the hot weather; likewise, in winters, supplement your pet’s diet with essential fatty acids. You can use safflower oil and canola oil in their diet which helps thicken their coat in the winter season and keep them warm. To further keep the fur healthy, you can add protein to their diet.

Remember, if you are feeling the effects of the winter weather then chances are so is your pet. Take the necessary precautionary measures to keep your pet safe in this cold weather. If you hire a pet sitter, then make sure that all the precautionary measures should also follow by them.

Book A Pet Sitter This Christmas

The year-end holiday season is what you’ve been looking forward to since the last holiday you had, but if you are a pet owner than it could easily become a massive anxiety for your pet and not to mention yourself.

The thing with pets is that they don’t like change too much, especially when their family has gone and left them behind with a stranger(relatives) and they don’t like having those strangers invade their space. The scenario is not an ideal one, especially when you are going away on holiday. Though the stress can be avoided if you plan carefully ahead of the holiday season and reduce your stress and theirs.

It is understandable to worry about your pets when you’re planning a holiday trip, and that is when procrastinating comes in because you are worried that your pets won’t be okay if you leave them alone and postpone the holiday plan for next season.

This is human nature, but if you plan on time, you can find a solution and best care for your pets then you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about your pets back home.

Don’t be one of those people who put off things until the last minute and gain absolutely nothing out of it. People do make frantic last-minute calls to arrange a pet sitter but pet sitters have lives too and they have a family too, and they might not be able to accommodate you because they have plans as well. And kennels at this time of the year are full and busy.

If you haven’t finalized your pet plans then get on the phone and book yourself professional pet sitter this Christmas so even if you get a hit and miss, you might find someone who is willing to do it during the holiday season, and plenty professional sitters work through the holiday season.

What if you have a sick pet and you just can’t leave them behind so you have to cancel all your plans. If you make the right calls, you may be able to find the perfect professional pet sitter who can provide the best care for your sick pet while you are away.

There are knowledgeable pet sitters out there who know how to deal with different situations regarding animals, and if necessary they can drive your pet to the vet in your absence.

Pet Owners Beware Of Non-Professional Pet Sitters

Being a pet owner is a great thing, but it comes with a great responsibility to take care of your companion animals because they can’t take care of themselves. However, there are times when you will not be able to be there for them always. Sometimes life happens, and you have to leave for an important meeting and leave your pet alone.

You are busy, and you are budget conscious as well, and it is understandable that you get a quick fix to take care of your pet while you are away and most of the times rely on your neighbour’s teenage daughter when travel keeps you away from your pets. It is either that or those apps these days that get you teenage pet sitters cheap, but it is advised that you stop and think about it.

There are numerous stories regarding a teenage pet sitter doing some horrific stuff to the home they’ve been pet sitting at by trashing homes, stealing and harming property and much worse cases have come out where they’ve been involved in pet abuse and death.

It is the time that pet owners should start taking seriously and get educated about the most important thing concerning their pets’ wellbeing. The first thing to start from is taking the term ‘pet sitter’ more seriously and stop using it carelessly. You just cannot refer it to your family friend and or your neighbourhood teenager because pet sitting is a professional career and professional pet sitters offer peace of mind that other pet care solutions or options never do.

The reason we opt to go for a high school student is that they are going to charge us less, and it is tempting to save up some cash, but it all comes at a cost. Would any individual who is not a professional pet sitter be able to spot early signs of renal failure in your senior cat.

If encountered with a severe problem while you are away, would they know when to rush your pet to the vet, but a professional pet sitter would. Would they know what to do if there enter your home and find a broken window, open door and missing pets, a professional pet sitter would.

It is strongly advised that you always go for a professional pet sitter who knows how to react in a tricky situation and end up saving your pets’ life where a non-professional pet sitter would lose the plot and end up making that bargain look costly.

Always Go For A Professional Pet Sitter

Upon travelling, the major dilemma of a per owner is who they are going to leave their pets with who will care for them as they do. Being away for days at a time for a pet owner is a difficult time, and a great solution is to hire a pet sitter. Since you are away, you want the best care possible for your pets, but how do you know that the pet sitter that you have hired has your pet’s best interest at heart?

There are some things that you can observe upon your return.

The first thing you need to check is the feeding area of your pet. If the condition of your pet’s water bowl is dirty or worse, if it is dried up, then you should never hire that pet sitter again who could not even do the minimum for your pet.

Check for evidence of accidents and the obvious ones could be a scratched-up door because your dog wasn’t taken out to his regular walk and on an extended basis, your dog can develop bladder infections if there are issues regarding their potty practices. These could ultimately lead to behavioural issues which can again be a sign that your dog hasn’t been given enough attention while you were gone. If you have a cat, then check the litter box that can tell whether your cat was neglected or not.

When you hire a pet sitter, it is because you trust them with their property and upon your return if you smell cigarette smoke or see your items moved around then that clearly means that they have betrayed that trust and should be sown the door immediately because if they can’t inherently know these things than they shouldn’t be caring for your pet.

When you return from your trip and find your pet to be fearful of the pet sitter or hostile towards than that is a blatant indication of potential abuse. If you experience that upon your return, then you should be looking for another pet sitter.

Having a bad pet sitter will give you the experience of having one and give you the knowledge of what to look for in a pet sitter, and if you fire your old pet sitter, then you should start looking for a better one with the knowledge you gained dealing with the bad pet sitter.