In-Home Pet Sitting Is The Best Thing For Your Pet

Vacationing should be a relaxing time with the entire family and to have a great time, the event should be worry free at all cost. However, if you are a pet owner then it can be extremely difficult for you not to fret about your pets when you away on your holidays. There has been a shift in the usual way of doing things, and pet owners are now turning away from traditional boarding for their pets, and nowadays they prefer in-home pet sitting over boarding to help their pets feel more comfortable and be stress-free at their vacation.

So, why are pet owners moving away from traditional boarding and what does in-home pet sitting entail? The reason is simple, your pet will stay in their comfort zone and get to live in a familiar environment, so they won’t panic like they would in boarding. They would take their time getting used to the environment and that can be a negative thing for your pet.

While in-home pet setting offers a pet sitter that can visit your home in your absence 2 to 3 times a day to feed, potty, exercise and play with your pet to keep them in good condition and happy. If you want to, you can always have the pet sitter stay at your place the entire time you are gone.

This is a great arrangement for a pet owner, as some pet sitters also offer additional services like taking the garbage out, watering the plants, and take care of the house during a long absence. This service also gives your pet the advantage to develop a bond with the pet sitter, so things can run smoothly both for your pet and the pet sitter.

This is also a great advantage of an in-house pet sitter which allows your pet to be comfortable around the pet sitter and that is the number one objective, to allow your pet to feel more comfortable during your absence.

Compared to boarding facilities, your pet can take plenty of time getting used to the environment with all the loud noises that dogs make especially when your dog is not used to it. It can be a chaotic scenario for your dog and you don’t want them to go through it especially when you are having a good time.


Make Your Pet Enjoy Your Holiday As Well

Going on a holiday that you have been waiting to go on for such a long time? The time is finally here and you’ve got your dream holiday resort booked and you have the direct flight tickets to your holiday destination in your wallet. You are ready to roll out in a few days with your family, but there is a problem. Who is going to look after Fido and Bella when you are away holidaying?

Often many travelers look, friends and neighbors when they are going out of town and although this arrangement might work one or two times, in the long run, this quick fix might end up putting you in a situation that you would regret.

Sometimes the people you are trusting with your pets get wrapped up in other things and can’t give your pets the attention they need and it’s nothing over the top, it could be just feeding them twice a day or taking them out of the exercise and lets just face it, they can forget about it once or twice and you don’t want that.

If they are looking after your pet every night on a fly-by routine then they might forget about it every now and then, and what you need to do is get rid of the quick fix and get something permanent done.

Preferably, hire a pet sitter that can take care of your pets like someone ought to when you are not around.

If you have never hired a pet sitter before then you need to start asking around. The best way to approach this is to ask a friend who frequently hires pet sitters or you can ask your vet for some credible contacts or professional caregivers can be of help, but you have to do all of this well in advance of your trip.

If all of this doesn’t work then you can check with the local dog trainer because they might always have a lead on it and know a reliable pet sitter that can do the job for you.

Once you find a pet sitter, you need a pet sitter who can provide you with references and you should call them up and ask them how they did for them and only then make a decision whether you want to hire them or not.

Make sure your pet enjoys your holiday as well.

How You Should Conduct An Interview With Your Pet Sitter

Before you hire a pet sitter, you should have an interview arranged so you know your handing over your pet and to some degree your house to someone who is reliable and trustworthy. If you want your pet to receive the best care, you should thoroughly observe the answers the pet sitter gives you. You can also ask them to do certain things which can further make your home and your pet secure.

If your pet sitter is coming over to tend to your pet, you need to lock a schedule with them which clarifies the timings of the per sitters’ visits to your home. Secrecy is another thing that should be maintained between the pet owner and the pet sitter, for example, the pet sitter in no circumstance should let anyone know that your house is empty for most of the day especially to someone with criminal intentions.

The next thing you should do is to arrange a meeting with your neighbour as well, so they know that it’s your pet sitter who is making daily visits to your home in your absence. If there is an emergency, your pet sitter can contact your neighbour, who can also have the emergency key to your house.

Next introduction should be with your pet. Observe how your pet sitter interacts with your pet, which can tell you whether they can adapt to each other or not. You should ask the pet sitter if they can tend to other pets other then cats or dogs. If you have an exotic pet, fish or even livestock, you can ask them there and then, so there isn’t any confusion in the future. Communicate clearly with your pet sitter what you want from them, after all, you are paying for the service.

Explain to them if there are any requirements for your pets. If they need to be fed only freshwater or need to be fed daily if there are any medications that need to be given to the pet. All in all, you should stress the fact that your pet should get a clean environment to play, eat and sleep in.

Lastly, provide the sitter with a contact list which he or she can use if something goes wrong. Let them know if you will be available on the phone or email as well, so they can reach you in case of an emergency.

Protect Your Dog During Walks In Summer Season

Dogs are stuck wearing their fur coats and they are susceptible to the summer heat when exposed to longer periods under the sun or making them exercise in the heat that can potentially lead to a heat stroke and can make your dog’s condition fatal if not tended to immediately. The sun is dangerous especially for older dogs or the dogs that are fighting any illness or the ones with shorter snouts. If your dog starts to show these signs then it clearly means that they are suffering from a heat stroke. The first sign is that they will start panting and do it rapidly, and the second symptom is that they will start drooling excessively.

These are early signs of a heat stroke and some other signs include when your dog starts to look for shade or walking slowly and try to lie down. As a dog owner, and if you have a pet sitter take your dog on walks, you need to understand these signs and there are ways to counter the situation that can make summer leash walks comfortable.

If you walk your own dog or have a pet sitter do it, re-arrange the schedule and pay heed to the timing. You cannot have your dog exposed to the sun let’s say at noon because at this time temperatures are at their highest during that time of the day, so you need to get out on the evening when it is a lot cooler. Avoid the peak sun hours to avoid the hottest part of the day and re-adjust your timing to either right after 9 am or after 6 pm.

Avoid the sun at all cost and keep your dog in the shade. In winters, you or your pet sitter usually look for the sunny side on the road, but in summertime try to find the shade and lock a time of the day and a route that provides maximum shade. Your best bet is to find a tree-lined street and use it during the summer season to walk your dog in the shade.

No matter what time of the day you or your pet sitter choose to walk the dog, always bring water with you. Carry a bottle or a bowl while you head out, but it is important that you familiarize your dog with the mechanics, so it doesn’t become a nuisance when you are actually out there in the heat.

Apply these tips this summer season, and you’ll be walking your dog in the summer season without any mishaps.

Summer Tips For Pet Sitter And Owners

The summer season is upon us and with it brings backyard barbecues planning and going on trips and vacations, and generally a time when people want to spend most of their time outside their homes and head on camping with the entire family and sometimes have to leave Fido and Fluffy back home because the summer season can also bring some unique hazards for your pets.

Whether you are staying home or going on vacation, you should be very careful of your pet in the summer season and flow these quick tips yourself and convey them on to your pet sitter as well, so your pet stays safe and healthy this summer season.

There is a disturbing stat doing the rounds in pet community that hundreds of pets die due to heat exhaustion every year in parked vehicles. Leaving your pet alone in a parked car is a big NO, and you should let your pet sitter know that as well that under any circumstances he or she shouldn’t leave your pet alone in a parked car because even with the window open or the air conditioner on, there is a high chance that the temperature can rise quickly and make your pet seriously ill or even cause death.

Pet sitters should warn local pet owners via social media by sharing informative posts regarding the issue and ensure they let their clients know that as well.

Another thing to be mindful is that never exercise or walk your dog in the afternoon when the temperatures are at its highest. If you walk your dog on the pavement, you could injure their paws. Place the back of your hand on the pavement and if you can’t hold it there for more than five seconds then it is too hot for your dog to walk on. Pet sitters should communicate with their clients that they should schedule their dog walksin the mornings or in the evenings.

Excessive panting, trouble breathing, and increased heart rate is a sign that your pet is suffering from heat exhaustion and you should call your vet immediately to counter the situation. It is important avoiding taking your pet out in the daytime heat, but it is also important that the inside temperature is also cool.

Pet sitters should ask about their clients’ thermostat settings at the meet and greet and they should let them know the temperature inside should be according to their pets’ comfort.