Walking your dog is so much more than just taking him out for exercise or letting him out of the house once a day to stop him from getting bored, but it also has to do with something called behavior training opportunity. The goal is to train your dog how to behave outside of the house especially with other people and their canines which are also there to socialize.

It is a great mean to strengthen the social bond but it also gets the both of you to get out of the house and the fun and healthy environment gives you and your dog the opportunity to also grow the bond between you and your dog.

Dog walking is healthy for a sedentary dog that can become overweight and lazy lying in the house consuming and not getting much exercise, and eventually that kind of routine can become dangerous for your pooch and bring all sorts of potential health problems.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is active indoors, dog walking is an essential part of your dog’s life that should not be ignored by you. The average dog walking a young pup should do is around one hour, but the ones that are bred for sports should go for way much more.

You can take your buddy dog walking, and he can play outside but don’t assume that your dog will invent his own exercise routine just because they are walking or playing outside. Taking him outside gives you the opportunity to play fetch or catch with him to tire him out before heading for home.

On the other hand, dog walking is the perfect opportunity for your dog to work on his/her social skills because it is likely that your dog is going to meet other canines while out and about. This also opens new avenues for your dog to find himself/herself the perfect play partner by socially interacting with different animals.

This will help your dog be less shy and become more approachable by other dogs, hence making your dog socially acceptable in the eyes of other pets. This can be a daily confidence builder for your dog, especially if your dog shows fear, taking him/her out and meeting other dogs will help your dog remove the fear and the anxiety that comes with it.

These reasons should be enough to get your four-legged friend out of the house more and that you won’t see dog walking as a chore anymore.


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