It is a common thing that the people who go out of Worthing for business trips, weddings and holidays do not take their pets with them. Some of them leave the responsibility of taking care of their pets to their family members or relatives while others hire pet sitter or send their pets to boarding .If you too are planning to go on vacation or business trip and cannot take your pet with you then you will have to decide who will look after your pet in your absence. If none of your family member or friend is ready to take the responsibility of your pet in your absence then you are left with two options; pet sitting and pet boarding. Both pet sitting in Worthing and pet boarding in Worthing have their own pros and cons. Let’s discuss both of these options in detail to understand whether you should select pet boarding or pet sitting in Worthing for your pet.

Pet sitting

What are the benefits of choosing pet sitting in Worthing for your pet? It is to be noted that pet sitters take care of pets at their own home when their owners are away. As pets live in their familiar environment (home) therefore they feel less stressed out. Not only this, pet sitters give enough attention and affection to pets so that they don’t feel the absence of their owners. Pet sitters make sure that pets follow their routine diet and exercise. They also focus on pet’s emotional and physical health. If your pet has personality problems such as aggression then pet sitting is ideal for him or her and if your pet is not very outgoing then you can consider pet sitting in Worthing for your pet. Pet sitting is ideal for young animals because their immune system is not strong; they can easily catch diseases from other animals living in kennel. It is also the best choice for pets that need special medical care.

It is to be noted that you can have all the above mentioned benefits only when you hire a reliable and professional pet sitter in Worthing for your pet.

Pet boarding

What are benefits of sending pets to pet boarding when you are away? People who are afraid to leave someone alone at their home with their pets can go for pet boarding if their pets are very outgoing and will feel comfortable at an unknown place (kennel). But, living in a kennel can be risky for your pet’s heath because diseases such kennel cough, distemper and coccidiosis are commonly found in kennels. Apart from this, a lot of animals (dogs/cats) live together in a kennel at a time, therefore the kennel’s staff cannot provide enough attention to all animals. This is one of the main reasons animals staying at kennels feel depressed and stressed out. It is to be noted that if you want extra care and attention for your pet, then pet boarding facilities charge extra for that. You should also note that kennels follow their feeding, bathroom break and playtime schedule which is not suitable at all for pets that have a specific diet, bathroom break and playtime routine.


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