The need to leave town can arrive at any time and it could be a vacation you have been planning for so long and finally have enough savings to leave the familiar setting and bask in the sunshine at your favorite getaway holiday or it could be a family reunion, a wedding or a plain old business trip to another town. However, if you are a pet owner then you have a very different travel concern, and that is what to do with your cat or dog when you are away.

What you do with your cat or dog when you are out of town depends on how well your pet can get along with other pets. The common question would be, is my dog socially unpredictable around other dogs or will he or she adjust nicely with other animals during playtime?

You need to make a decision, and the first thing that could pop in your head is that whether you should go for pet boarding or pet sitting when you’re away.

Pet Boarding

In the past, the traditional boarding was to have your pet in steel or plastic cages with no common social space when needing to leave your pets, but fortunately this is no longer the norm. Now, you have pet hotels which have everything that your dog or cat desires from enjoying the pool, get a message during daytime or have a play date around and together they can luxuriate while watching Dog TV.

This new type of boarding can be seriously pricey, obviously depending upon the amenities you choose for your pet.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is another alternative and there are generally two types of pet sitting. One is to have a pet sitter come around to your house at specific times to feed your pet, take them out to exercise. The other type will live in the pet owner’s house and care for their pet, so your pet has a companion at all times, especially at night time.

It is very obvious that pet sitting is the choice you should make whenever you have to leave your pet alone at home because it eliminates the separation stress and the Live-in pet sitters can always recognize potential health problems quickly so can act accordingly.

That also gives you a clear sense of security while you’re away. It is also a great insurance against crime and the pet sitter can have things normal around the house for your pet.


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