How do you know that the person you found to walk your dog is great at it? Or how can you be sure that they can take care of your dog like you do? How can you differentiate the great from the mediocre? You can find out all of that by looking out for a few things in them that will tell you if you’ve found the right person to walk your dog or dogs.

First of all finding a dog walker is pretty easy. You can go online and Google search in your area or you can go ask a friend or you can always go to your local pet shop to find one. The main thing is to find the one who love dogs because if they don’t enjoy walking dogs then there is no point in hiring them.

Best Service Provider

You also need to know if they have the ‘can do’ attitude to give the best services. You are handing over your best friend to someone who should be willing work hard to make things easier for you.

Basic knowledge

Whether they have the local knowledge or not to walk your dog to all those awesome places. It is absolutely imperative that they know what bylaws or local dog control orders may be in force.

Training Background and experience

The most important thing is if they have any experience with dogs. Sure everybody has to start somewhere, but if they own a dog chances are they know what they’re getting into and it also give you the peace of mind knowing they will manage your dog fine.

Your Dog’s Comfort level

One of the most important factors when choosing a walker is whether or not your dog is comfortable and happy with this person. Always look for a walker who acts calm towards your dog.

Reliable and committed to work

A great dog walker also has to be reliable and understanding at the same time. Reliable helps when they turn up when they say they will and walk your dog for as long as you expect. You need a dog walker that is committed to their work and your dog. When they take you dog out for a walk they should be focused on your dog alone and not be on the phone while they are walking.

These things make a huge difference and show how committed your dog walker is to you, your dog and their job and with it comes reliability and dependency, and when you have these qualities in your dog walker then you will never have to find a new one ever again.


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