Walk for dogs is an adventure, fun activity and a pleasing escape from home. Every dog owner understands well how much dogs like walking therefore; the dog owners who are unable to take their dog for regular walk they get services of dog walking company to make their dogs happy.  Some dog walking companies offer both solo and group dog walking services while others provide any one of these. It is to be noted that whenever you hire a dog walker always select the right type of walk for your dog, if you want your puppy to really enjoy the walk and get enough benefit from it. Some dogs like solo walking while other love group walking. If you don’t know which type of walk will be liked by your dog more then don’t worry! We are discussing in detail both types of walks offered by dog walking companies to help you select the one which is the most suitable for your dog.

Solo Dog Walking

Generally speaking, solo walk is a good option for all types of dogs because they get special care and individual attention. However, Solo dog walking is the best choice for dogs that are elderly or ill or aggressive or unfriendly or reactive to other dogs or love one –on- one attention. Apart from this, solo dog walk is ideal for dogs who love to smell roses or enjoy a quick walk. Solo walk allows aggressive dog to interact with other dogs when he/she is ready. Solo walk offers older dogs relaxing stroll. Solo dog walking offers opportunity to dogs to socialize with the dog walker and the passerby dogs. During the solo walk, dogs can stop when they want and walk when they like.

Group Dog Walking

Group dog walks are quite common in urban areas. Group dog walks offer a great opportunity to dogs to play with other dogs, socialize with other dogs and learn new skills from them. Group dog walking is ideal for dogs that love company of other dogs or like to stop again and again to explore surroundings/discover new things with other dogs.

It is to be noted that group dog walking has some disadvantages. When different dogs go out for group walk they might get diseases from each other. While walking as a pack, dogs might indulge in a fight that can lead to injuries.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable dog walking company in Bristol then you can trust Petz need company. We can offer the best walking services to your dog. Contact us on 01234567890.


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